Who I Am

Writer and web programmer with credits for news aritcles, op-eds, short stories, poetry and Chinese to English translations. In lieu of tattoos, I don't mind stepping in graffiti now and then.

image of john haymaker in leather jacketWriting and programming are intertwined in my mind -- maybe because I use the same desktop and keyboard for both. The demands for precision in one feeds the needs for creativity in the other. My writing tends toward cinematic realism with a touch of humor. Favorite writers include, Dickens, Twain, Capote, Nabokov, and Mailer. On the non-fiction side, Gore Vidal, Frank Rich (NYMag columnist), Jon Ronson (Men Who Stare at Goats/Lost at Sea) and Anne Frank.

image of john haymaker in London alley next to graffiti muralOn the programming front, I’ve developed monster apps like paperless transaction systems and web crawlers, configured and maintained mobile apps and search engines. In the right hands, coding is akin to poetry. And as technology gadgets intrude on our lives, it’s best keep a sense of humor about it; I recall reading that the Python code Google runs on is actually named after Monty Python, despite the snake creeping across the O’Reilly primer's cover. Sorry if that takes you out of your comfort zone.