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headshot of john haymaker A writer and web programmer with credits for news articles, op-eds, short stories, poetry and Chinese to English translations. I've taught Literature and Composition at American colleges and universities and ESL in the PRC. On the programming front, I've developed data-driven websites and paperless transaction systems while configuring mobile apps and search engines.

pic of John and his partner outside Oz nightclub. pic of Hadji and Eric I now live in Lisbon, Portugal, with my partner of twenty-seven (27!) years, Dr. Hadji Doria. When we first met I said, "I don't know if this the right time or not, but . . . ." He interrupted just then to say, "Now is a perfect time." Wow! What a wonderful way to describe now.

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Beautiful Ornery Dangerous

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Lewis “Luke” Cook,a motherless young mechanic who rarely considers consequences, loses his job while on parole. At a local diner, he meets up with Jordan Kytte, a twenty-something woman who rarely tells the truth. He’s itching to leave town, and she has a vintage car and could use a mechanic - they click instantly. Inside of two hundred miles their road trip hits a speed bump when a mix-up at a liquor store turns deadly. The rest is beautiful, ornery and dangerous.


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Ballads of Blond Elvis

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The Last Paradise

Chinese translation reprint online now at Bewildering Stories

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Making Light of Grandmother's Fire

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Grasshopper and Tie-breaker

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Papak's Midwinter Kiss

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Christmas Crime

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Riders on the Storm

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Missionaries in Love and Letters

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Two of Us

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Izzy's Demise

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The House, The Lot

Chinese translation online now at Bewildering Stories

Chinese caligraphy projected over and around a Chinese youth

The Legend of Potter's Field

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Unleashing the Bull
in the China Shop

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The Squeeze

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The Rag Doll and the Siamese

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Googling a First Love

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Pickles, Canopic Jars and
a Dirty Martini

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Dreams out of Bugtussle

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Chinese to English Translations

The Last Paradise

Reprint online now at Bewildering Stories: Stalked by a leopard, a terminally ill research scientist stationed in the wilds of south China discusses love, marriage and death with an ex-wife.

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Photo Copyright Hadji Doria

The House, The Lot

A construction project on land steeped in tradition sows discord among villagers.

Chinese caligraphy projected over and around a Chinese youth

A Letter from a Distant Place

An editor and his assistant clash over a poetry submission, revealing a subtle difference between fiction and poetry.

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Coming online Soon: A Letter from a Distant Place

by Yan Ning

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Original Chinese text appeared in Chang’an 2 (1987). Reprinted in Xiaoshuo Xuankan 5 (1987).

Chinese to English translation originally appeared in: Pig Iron: Third World No. 15 (1988), ISBN 0-917530-23-3  / Library of Congress Catalogue No. 88-69726

Translated by John Haymaker

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